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2017 CAMPS

Mini Camp is July 26-27 Register Here

2017 Cheer Camp will be held August 13-16-email Coach Dani at danishayseltzer@me.com with interest




It has come to our attention that a number of "off season" tackle football programs, camps, and combines have contacted several of our member clubs. The FCYFL has no affiliation or relationship with these organizations, nor have we given our permission for them to contact our commissioners, coaches, or families.

All athletic activities involve a level of risk, and we believe, when properly managed and regulated, youth tackle football is one of the safest sports children can play. The FCYFL has invested and will continue to invest countless hours and significant resources to make the game as safe and rewarding as possible. As a result we have become one of the premiere youth football organizations in America. In fact, last fall, USA Football, in partnership with the NFL, chose one of our member clubs to help launch a new initiative, Heads Up Football, aimed at taking the head out of tackling. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visited football practice and then spoke to 100 parents as part of the launch. The FCYFL represents over 6,000 players, 1,500 coaches, and twenty-three separate football clubs, and we work diligently, through coaches certification, background checks, a proven skill and age & weight matrix, and numerous other proven initiatives to ensure that our participants have a safe, rewarding, and life changing experience.

We cannot say the same for the organizations promoting off-season football. Many do not have the same commitment to safety and are, quite frankly, out to make money. Nor in many cases do they take seriously critical issues such as the utilization of effective equipment, regular reconditioning, and maintaining proper insurance, to name a few. Most importantly, it is our strong belief that playing tackle football year-round is not in the best interests of kids. We feel it's a disservice to the young athletes who are prevented from participating in a variety of sports that help develop different skills sets, and offer other enriching experiences.

Families are free to do what they feel is best for their children, and we urge them to utilize the latest information available to make an educated and informed decision. The FCYFL strongly maintains, however, that what is best for a young athlete is that they do not participate in off-season tackle football programs.