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AFL Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who is eligible to register in AFL?

A.   Registration is open to all kids living in Arlington County, ages 7-16. You must be 7 years old as of October 1st & no older than 16 as of October 1st. The Fairfax County Youth Football League is a full contact tackle football league.

Q.  Is a medical physical required to play.

A.  There is no requirement for a medical physical to play in the Fairfax County Youth Football league but it is recommended.

Q. When does practice begin?

A.  Practice usually begins in August and is 5 days a week until public school beings.  Once school begins, practice runs 3 days a week plus games on Saturday or Sunday.  Practices are in the evenings.

Q.  What days of the week are the games played?

A.  The majority of our games are played on Saturdays, HOWEVER, some are on Sundays, Friday nights and occasionally another weekday night.

Q.  What times do the practices start and end?

A.  Practices generally run from 7:00 to 9:00PM. 

Q. Where will our GAMES be played?

A.  FCYFL has 24 member clubs from all over the Northern Virginia area.  When scheduling weekly match-ups, FCYFL tries to look at convenient geographical scheduling, but the availability of facilities (lighted) or lack of lighted fields significantly impacts this process. 

Q.  Will I get a reminder about the 1st day of practice?

A.  All registered players will be notified via E-Mail prior to beginning of practices.  Practice locations are still being worked out but more than likely practices will be held at one of the Arlington County High Schools on their synthetic turf fields or at other Arlington locations.  Please check the website for updates.

Q.  How will I contact my child's coach?

A.  The email address for each appointed coach will be on the website once these position are determined.

Q.  When is the equipment issue date?

A. Equipment issue dates are TBD

Q. Do I have to bring my child to the equipment issue day?

A.  Yes bring your child, no equipment will be issued without the player (AND a DMV identification for the child) present.  No parents will be allowed in the equipment issue areas, so bring a book or newspaper as each child will take approx. 15 minutes to fit properly.

Q.  What if we have a vacation planned during the first week of practice?

A.  If your child is not going to be present during the first week of practice or later please notify your coach. Remember next year when planning vacations, football practice & equipment issue always starts the first weekend of August.

Q.  Are there any camps available before August practice begins?

A.  This information will be added to the website once it becomes available. See the Youth Skills Camps tab for details on local camps.