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Click here for Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) Official Rules

In order to keep our new turf fields in top condition, we need everyone to follow these rules while attending games at the Arlington fields.  These rules are in addition to standard field rules for all county fields.

The following are prohibited on all Arlington's high school game fields:

  • Smoking
  • Food
  • Pets
  • Bicycles, skateboards or other similar devices

If you bring drinks onto the field and they happen to spill (and it's not water), please rinse off the area of the spill with water.  Teams should be prepared to have halftime and after game snacks off the field. Most teams no longer provide snacks at halftime.


Arlington Football and Arlington Parks and Recreations believes that instilling habits of good sportsmanship should be one of the primary goals of athletic endeavors and that all players, parents, coaches and officials should model good behaviors in this area.  Parents/guardians and other adult spectators shall also be encouraged to act as models for young people by demonstrating self-control and dignity at all league events.  Unsportsmanlike behavior as exhibited through verbal abuse, rude gestures, taunts, obscenities, thrown objects, etc., shall not be tolerated from any persons in attendance at league activities.  Discipline may include, but not be limited to, eviction from the competition and prevention from attending further competitions.


A parent always needs to think of how their sideline behavior is perceived by other parents, coaches and players. He/she needs to imagine what a video playback of his/her behavior would look like. In the video would they see their self helping to clean the sidelines after a game, or tossing a coffee cup on the ground in disgust after the opposing team has just scored a touchdown? Would they hear their self leading a positive cheer, hands clapping with a smile, or see their self booing, acting foolish and making an obscene gesture at the referee? Your child will have the best experience if they know that you are on the sidelines supporting them and their team and that you have put the interests of the kids first and left your ego and personal agenda at home.

The following apply to games played at any of the Arlington High Schools. We ask that everyone cooperate fully with the County Staff and volunteer staff as these rules are evolving and we want to be able to continue to use the High School field.

The following guidelines should be followed in addition to the rules that apply to all High School fields:

  • Only officially rostered Coaches and Players, League Officials, PRCR Staff are permitted inside the gates. The Coaches and Players are only allowed within the gates during their assigned game times and must have approval from the PRCR staff to enter the field
  • No chairs are currently allowed on the field, even for the above mentioned exceptions.
  • All spectators should remain in the stands.
  • Please do not skateboard, bike, rollerblade, etc. in the stands or in front of the stands.
  • Remove all trash from the stands and place in proper recepticles when you leave. Any trash left behind must be cleaned up by league volunteers.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. These facilities greatly improve our capacity for games and practices, but they also require increased care.